eb-Tax Functional Training

eb-Tax Functional Training

1) India Localizations
2) Europe Localizations
3) USA Tax policies



Always be a learner. Try improving your skills there by everything else you want will in fall in place. Sharing knowledge makes you feel good and proud. It's more like a donation with an exception that both donar and donee will keep the stuff with out changing hands.  Connect with people across the globe working in the same field with same mindset of learning and sharing. 


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  • Improve your skills
  • Make a habit to come and check our latest posts
  • We will keep you posted with news happening in ERP world.
  • Feel Proud to share your knowledge
  • Sharing means connecting with people
  • Be recognized digitally


Prudhvi A

Founder of erpSchools Inc. Graduate from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. Worked In USA and India on multiple ERP projects with roles ranging from Contractor to Project Manager.



Awesome  website..erpschoolsAwesome  website..erpschoolsAwesome  website..erpschoolsAwesome  website..erpschools


Awesome  website..erpschools

Awesome  website..erpschools

Awesome  website..erpschools

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